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We develop solutions that provide secure digital identity verification, protecting users' personal data and privacy, for faster access to online services


Who we are

We are creating the Identity Contract Management platform

iDAKTO was founded by experts with over 20 years of experience in the field of identification and authentication. We have gathered complementary talents from IAM, cybersecurity and online payment sectors to create a universal trusted platform, providing digital identity services that can be used on a national scale.

Digital enthusiasts, we create secure exchange solutions between people, services, and objects, that respect the privacy of each citizen. We develop software at the forefront of the latest Cloud technologies, mobile device security, Big Data, AI and Blockchain. Our software can help control, on a very large scale, a three-party relationship, between a user, their trusted third-party and the online service.

At the heart of our mission, iDLab, our Innovation and R&D Centre, works on the most innovating topics in the area, serving a digital world that is safer and more respectful of our privacy, but also focused on the user and their desire for quick access to Cloud applications and data.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform (Public or Private Cloud) and citizen applications on mobile devices, ensuring complete management of the digital identity lifecycle. Our solutions are designed to manage digital identity creation anywhere and under any conditions, to ensure transparent use on the basis of an identity contract, between a government and a citizen, a company and an employee, partner or client, a healthcare organisation and a patient.

iDAKTO Solutions outstand themselves by offering a complete integration of the digital identity lifecycle, from registration to online identity verification. Our products ensure a high level of trust, relying on an innovative technological base to secure the elements of the identification-authentication chain.

Our Vision

A growing digital economy requires a strong trust foundation. Risks of fraud, disclosure of personal data and invasion of privacy are major obstacles to the inevitable development of the digital economy. Also, at iDAKTO, we see the digital world with a controlled management of relationships between people, objects and, services.

This digital identity is intended to allow each citizen, company, customer, or employee to prove their identity on the Internet.

Trust can only be the result of transparency, the latter being guaranteed by a contract of trust, designated as the IDENTITY CONTRACT.

Sustainable Development Goals are clear, the one that appears in Chapter 16.9 of the United Nations Legal Identity Agenda sets a goal for a legal identity for everyone. We work to ensure an inclusive digital identity and to allow each and other to be able to access State services, healthcare without data disclosure and consumption right without compromising their privacy. Thus, we see digital identity as a trust foundation in new relationships on the Net, enabling its deployment on a global scale.

We are creating the reference platform for digital identity management, for businesses, hospitals, and governments.


Our Values

Technology is nothing unless it is at people's service, for each and every one and for sustainable development.

We are convinced that solutions in the digital world are also an opportunity for many countries and people to access services that improve daily life, giving access to knowledge, help and care. It is about everyone's dignity to be identified and to have the same online rights, with respect of their privacy.

We believe that our personal data is personal property and that it cannot be monetised without our consent. The proliferation of digital identity management solutions has so far been at the expense of the right to data protection.

We encourage States to take responsibility in protecting our digital identity and to play the expected role of a public service in this matter.

We love technology and we share the passion for our clients' projects when they serve their users.
We work together as a team to meet the challenges of our missions.

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