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At iDAKTO, passion is above all. We also share...

Ideas that drive us to serve our mission
Personal ambitions for the greater good of the team
Knowledge to fuel curiosity
Vision of the future to address change & innovation
Tasks when the pressure is building
Difficulties, to solve challenges together
Aspiration for work excellence
Joy & good times, as a family
The desire to satisfy our customers
The will to overcome our objectives

Team spirit is one of our key values,
we strive for serving our clients and for the success of our journey

iDAKTO is a young and innovative growing company and we need specific skills for the positions we provide. We have a selection of open jobs as well as internships, for people who are passionate about technology and innovation.
Browse our job offers for both sites (Angers & Saint Quentin En Yvelines) hereunder or through our Welcome To The Jungle showcase.


Job Offers

Our job offers are aimed at people with level BAC +5 (engineer's/university degree) or students seeking an end-of-study internship with level BAC +5 or an apprenticeship year with level BAC +4.

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