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Online identity check has become one of the major concerns of the digital development. When social networks (Google, Facebook, etc.) offer control over your identity, verification is often neglected at the cost of personal data collection for the purposes of commercial exploitation.
iDCluster provides a secure way to prove who you are online and performs Identity Proofing with various means, including chip reading and facial recognition. Private companies and governmental institutions are increasingly offering online services, thus requiring them to check your identity to make sure you are the right person you pretend to be.
The recent health crisis has shown how vital it is for our economy and our daily lives to resort to the digitalisation of administration processes. Many citizen services (taxes, social security etc.) used to be signed on-premise but have since been digitalised.
As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated users' and world citizens' digital life, it is more essential than ever to prevent the increasing threat of identity fraud by cybercriminals, by protecting and confirming user identities online.


eKYC, or Know Your Customer, enables a company to check online the identity and the essential data of their clients, often to comply with regulations. These companies can deploy online services provided they know to whom they are offering their services. Once users are assured of the identity and information essential to open the service, they can access it easily and securely.
This challenge of eKYC has become vital for the development of e-banking, for example, and opening accounts online. This is also the case for operators offering online subscription to their clients.

Multi-factor Authentication

The right authentication, at the right time. Depending on the online service you wish to access, the authentication method used may not be the same.
Indeed, a user can request the creation of his bank account and sign all the forms online instead of going on premise, especially if the Bank is closed for health measures or if it is just too remote. The solution: a secure authentication to these online services.
Another example, creating a bank account online may require an authentication with a notification sent to your mobile device. However, paying a fine online does not require an identity check.
iDCluster supports a variety of secure authentication factors and remains flexible to adapt to the authentication context and the sensitivity of the proposed service.
Indeed, a citizen can use a login with a PIN and an OTP, but they can also use their secure eID card (smart card) with other factors provided by the iDCluster platform:

eID card with PIN eID card with Biometrics eID card with PIN & Biometrics eID card with Mobile Device & Biometrics eID card with Mobile Device, PIN & Biometrics
CNIEPin Smart card (eID card) with PIN
CNIEBio Smart card (eID card) with Biometrics
CNIEPinBio Smart card (eID card) with PIN & Biometrics
CNIEMobDevBio Smart card (eID card) with Mobile Device & Biometrics
CNIEMobDevPinBio Smart card (eID card) with Mobile Device, PIN & Biometrics


Passwords are a burden for everyone, for citizens (finding a strong and easy-to-remember password) as well as for IT (dealing with forgotten passwords). For a secure authentication, you need a strong password, as defined by NIST Special Publication 800-63B, which defines the requirements to enforce strong passwords.
The increasing number of applications (PC or mobile) implies even more different strong passwords to create and remember. With Single Sign-On, users only need one password to access all their applications (on-premise or Cloud). SSO thus reinforces security and reduces IT costs.

Online Services Integration

Our iDCluster Solution is highly scalable and easy-to-use. It can adapt to any network load.
Our administration console iDConsole ensures the management of Service Providers in a very easy way, thus ensuring a fast user adoption.

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