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iDLab is constantly developing innovative ideas, participating in the development of security requirements​ and defining scientific problems​ linked with the digital identity. Innovation is at the heart of iDLab's missions with key thematics such as multi-factor authentication, identity proofing, identity documents management, digital identity lifecycle management, biometric authentication means, etc. It is in our DNA.​


Encryption innovations

Fuzzy Extractors - Fully Homomorphic Encryption - Whitebox



Native secure development

Security requirements analysis​ - Development best practices (OWASP server, mobile)​ - Implementing security counter-measures​ - Pen-tests - Compromise detection

iDLab is working on the future of citizen authentication combined with their digital identity. Citizens must be able to authenticate to a service provider (bank, social security, hospital, solicitor's, post office etc.) in the most secure way possible, providing the high assurance enabling them to use services, receive assistance, seek treatment and pay online. They must be sure that the personal data they are consenting to provide is used solely for authentication purposes, and not monetised as it is the case with social network providers (with Google, Facebook, etc. in mind).

At iDLab, we place great emphasis on user experience and place it at the heart of our developments, this is the concept of User eXperience by Design. This approach is highly valued and embedded in our culture, present from the design stage​, it guides the entire lifecycle of our products.

Given the challenges we have, our engineers design the solutions with research from the design stage of the security requirements, with regard to the risk of attacks and the expected level of assurance. Here again, the Security By Design concept comes first. We value product security from the onset of the idea and continue the approach through the certification steps when necessary.

The Team

More than 20 years of experience in the Security & IAM fields

iDLab was created around a group of experts specialised in security and identity management software development. Their experience is proven by deployments of their developments on a worldwide scale. With over 20 years of experience in the fields of Security, Online Payment, IAM, Strong Authentication as well as Regulatory and Security Issues, the team is growing quickly with the recruitment of young talents who have received the best training in the field. Partnership agreements with University and Industrial Research Organisations now allow iDLab to establish itself as a recognised expertise.

David Cossard

R&D Manager

Stéphane Cauchie

Security & Innovation Manager

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