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In order to counter fraud, ensure better protection of personal data and provide SSO (Single Sign-On), digital identity projects are becoming widespread. This digital identity is accompanied by strong online authentication (smart card, biometrics, etc.) to guarantee a high security level. Based on these new authentication methods, iDAKTO offers a software solution enabling governments, regional authorities, organisations or companies, to operate and facilitate this authentication: iDCluster®. With our platform, integration and usage of user identity verification and authentication are simplified, thus allowing a widespread deployment of the digital identity.

iDCluster, the Solution offered by iDAKTO, is a gateway between your digital identity and your secure authentication needs. It enables you to understand these new authentication methods in the best conditions, through simple, educational and ergonomic interfaces. It allows those who wish to use this authentication to do so in a secure and very simple way.

The iDCluster Solution was designed following the implementation of the GDPR. The concepts of trust, security and data protection are at the heart of its authentication engine.

Based on a recent architecture, the iDCluster Solution is able to absorb large authentication flows. The Solution can adapt to the volume of an entire country or a region.


The iDCluster Solution comes with client modules enabling you to manage different authentication scenarios on several devices.



iDPortal enables users to keep control over their authentication and the use of their personal data.



iDStation enables users to authenticate from a PC (Windows or Mac). This module enables you to interface the devices on the workstation (smart card / biometric reader, etc.) with the authentication server.



iDMobile enables users to authenticate from a mobile device (Android or iOS). This application uses the capabilities of the mobile devices (camera, NFC reader, etc.) to perform the authentication.



iDKiosk offers an interface dedicated to touch devices such as digital terminals. This product is designed to enable users to authenticate in a simple and educational way on dedicated terminals.

iDAKTO also offers SDKs as well as development guides for simple and secure integration of authentication. The complexity of using strong authentication is hidden by the iDCluster Solution, only simple interfaces are exposed. Relieved of securing authentication, uploading new services online using this authentication is thus simplified and accelerated.

The iDCluster Solution, is a multi-factor authentication solution. In addition to strong authentication based on smart cards, iDCluster provides biometric authentication factors, such as facial recognition and fingerprint reading. Our platform offers additional modes for password, or OTP by e-mail / SMS / notification authentication. Context management mechanisms allow to adapt the level of authentication for an intuitive and simplified access to online services.


iDCluster for Governments

For States or regional authorities with a pre-existing digital identity (ID Card, national register, etc.), the iDCluster Solution makes it possible to integrate digital identity authentication to access administrative services and to help with its integration in the private sector such as banks, telecommunications, insurance, etc.

iDCluster for Finance

In the finance and Fintech sectors, the iDCluster solution answers specific KYC needs and offers an authentication server that provides a strong and secure authentication to access sensitive services independently.

iDCluster for Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, the iDCluster solution provides healthcare professionals with a strong multi-device authentication. The generalisation of strong authentication (smart card or biometrics) to the entire staff is simplified and secured by using the authentication server.

iDCluster for Companies

For companies, the iDCluster Solution (on-premise or in the Cloud) streamlines access to internal systems by providing a central authentication point. SSO thus increases the security level without causing user frustration. Access from outside the company is thus strengthened.

eID Demo

With iDCluster, citizens can use their eID card and mobile device to log on to their service provider, such as an online service account, without having to delegate the authentication information to social networks. They use a trusted third-party operating the iDCluster platform. Here is an example of a citizen authenticating to their bank account.

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